What You Can Do

For gifts of stock or securities contact Cindy Wilber at cwilber@stanford.edu

Visit Yucatán: Plan an eco-vacation to explore the amazing biological and cultural diversity of the peninsula. And plan to donate to support biodiversity and conservation as part of your travel budget. Imagine if every visitor to Yucatán donated even a small sum what we could do! Submit your photos to CEAPY to help spread the word about conservation on the Yucatán Peninsula! Reserva San Nicolás is located just 40 minutes from the historic colonial city of Izamal and within easy driving distance of Mayapan, Valladolid, and the world heritage site of Chichen Itza. If you are interested in visiting the reserve contact us well in advance to make arrangements.

Educate Others! Whether you are an ecologist, researcher, grad student, teacher, K12 student, or simply a concerned and responsible citizen, you have the ability to share your passion and knowledge with others. Because so much habitat loss occurs far from cities most people don’t realize what the damage from fragmentation, burning and unsustainable agriculture and ranching is doing to the forests that support not just the jaguars, coatis and birds but our planet.  Loss of tropical forest, wetlands and beaches has a huge impact on all of us, no matter where we live. Please help us get the word out.

Live Sustainably: All of us can make small changes that collectively make a huge difference. You can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint by switching to compact fluorescent and or LED light bulbs, planting native plants and trees, biking and walking instead of driving, consuming less, growing a garden and teleconferencing instead of flying.

REMEMBER! Reduce, reuse, recycle and support conservation.

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We need your help! Your contribution, whether financial or taking the time to teach and involve others to help save bio-cultural diversity in the Yucatán Peninsula, will help our forests, wetlands, beaches as well as the multitude of species, human and otherwise, that depend on tropical ecosystems. Thank you and Mil Gracias!

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